About Us

The Tradewell Group, Inc. has been offering patented Cut & Toss Disposable Cutting Boards for over 15 years and enjoys a legion of devoted customers who re-order Cut & Toss again and again.  Although Cut & Toss is a food safety product, there is one note of caution before you purchase..... they're addictive!  Give Cut & Toss a try and discover the convenience and the assurance that the single-use surface will help you protect your family's health from food-borne illness caused by cross-contamination common with improperly cleaned, re-usable cutting boards.  Click here to watch TV news clips about how Cut & Toss can help prevent food poisoning!


It's not a lot to spend to stay safe 

The Centers for Disease Control estimates approximately 30 million Americans each year suffer the effects of food borne pathogens with symptoms ranging from mild intestinal discomfort to diarrhea and vomiting.  Over 5,000 people die each year from the most severe effects of food poisoning.


How they're made 

Patented Cut and Toss boards are made from a Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) paperboard and coated with a polyethylene film that provides an excellent fluid barrier.   They are then die-cut into the four different sizes with perimeter score lines that enable you to fold the sides up to contain cuttings and fluids.  Folding the sides up also increases the rigidity of the board allowing it to also serve as a 'tray' to carry raw burgers out to the grill.


Packaged in BULK boxes 

It's always a better value to order any product in bulk packaging.  Cut & Toss Disposable Cutting Boards dismiss with the costly frills of expensive low-count packs with fancy graphics.  Instead, you can purchase any of the four sizes in 100-count BULK boxes. 


Free Shipping Option 

A 100-count box of disposable cutting boards can weigh as much as 36 pounds, so shipping can be a bit expensive.  We have worked out an arrangement with our manufacturer to get a better cost price for multiple item orders and FedEx also gives us a better per box rate when we ship multple boxes.  This enables us to offer our customers Free Shipping for orders of two, three or more.  Sure, we will make less profit when we pay shipping, but if it means more sales in the end, we all win!