Interested in Carrying Cut & Toss in your Retail or Wholesale Outlet?

If you would like to offer award winning Cut & Toss in your retail or wholesale outlet, please contact us for information.

25-count retail packs of the 11" x 14"  and 7" x 11" Cut & Toss are the perfect sizes for homemakers to pick up in the paper aisles at their local supermarkets.  Below are photos of the consumer retail packs:

These consumer packs are now available on this website. Click Photo to Order!
These consumer packs are now available on this website. Click Photo to Order!

Are you a Restaurant or Institutional Foodservice Operation?

We can establish a program wholesale discount to restaurants, institutions or commercial kitchens with large quantity repeat needs.

Are you an In-Store Food Demonstration Service?

The last thing shoppers want to see is a worn and stained cutting board at the in-store food demonstration kiosk.  With economical wholesales purchases of Cut & Toss you can instruct your demonstrators to switch out the cutting surfaces at intervals that will keep the presentation looking fresh, sanitary...and appetizing!


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or Phone us at:  239 261-4244

Are you an Outdoor Recreational Supplies Outlet for the RV, Boating & Camping Markets?

Our 11" x 14" boards can also be marketed to appeal to outdoor recreational markets.  Our proto-type 'Sunny Day Chef" product called "Galley Mates" can be packaged in 25-count zip-lock bags just like "Cut & Toss" but with a special appeal to the outdoor recreational markets.

Click the Add to Cart button below to purchase a proto-type package of Galley Mates for $15.00 plus shipping.